Product review: EasyNRJ recommended by test-aankoop

Product review: EasyNRJ recommended by test-aankoop

Test-Aankoop recently reviewed various energy solutions connectable to smart meters. According to their criteria, Test-Aankoop then analyzed the top 12 solutions in more depth.

At the end of the article, Test-Aankoop establishes its podium of the 4 solutions they recommend, and EasyNRJ is one of them (of course 😊)!


Test-Aankoop particularly appreciated (I quote: "The absolute must-have") the light ring of the easyColor, which allows real-time monitoring of your home's energy consumption (or injection).

Test-Aankoop also points out that EasyNRJ solutions are "open" because they are based on Open Source technologies (Home Assistant). The possibilities for evolution and interconnection with other systems are therefore limitless.


Our price for the 3-in-1 pack, €189, is considered by Test-Aankoop as "average", but it includes 2 connected plugs.

We remind you that Walloons have the opportunity until the end of 2024 to purchase our products at -40% thanks to the domotics grant (EasyNRJ is one of the few to be officially recognized – see here, last page).

Also, unlike most solutions on the market, all our features are free 😊. No hidden subscription fees!

Test-Aankoop's Negative Point

I quote: "The only negative point is the absence of comparison of consumption with households having similar profiles."

Indeed, we leave that to your energy provider who surely does it very well already 😉.

So don't wait, our stocks are running out quickly! Order your easyPACK 3-in-1 now.

  • easyMETER: Discover all the hidden secrets of your digital meter.
  • easyCOLOR: Monitor your home's energy consumption and injection in real-time.
  • easyPLUG: Automatically redirect the surplus from your solar panels to your batteries.

Start your green journey now and become an autoconsumer!

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