Installation & How to use

Congratulations on receiving your easyPACK! You now have the solution to increase your self-consumption and take environmentally-friendly action.


  • A WiFi connection and the password (the signal should reach the smart meter T211/S211)
  • Port P1 of the meter must be activated (see here for activation)
  • Technician? NO. Screwdriver? NO 

That's it.

User Manual A4

download printable user manual



4. FAQ



    Tips: if your smart meter is far from your Wi-Fi router (in the basement, for example), the signal of the easyMETER may be too weak. You can increase the Wi-Fi strength of the easyMETER by connecting it with a micro-USB cable.


    2. USAGE:

      Each easyPLUG/COLOR has its own configuration mini-app. To access it, scan the QR code using your camera or scanning app.


       01, 02, 03: Home consumption / production to the grid and corresponding color. 

      04, 05: Manually change the ON/OFF status of the outlet and its light.
      EasyPLUG: LED
      EasyCOLOR: Multi-color ring
      06: OFF, standard outlet. 
      ON, the outlet intelligently activates and deactivates based on the rule

      07: Rule for smart outlet. 
      Blue: Outlet active on solar surplus only
      Green: Outlet active if consumption < 1kW
      Yellow: Outlet active if consumption < 2.5kW
      Purple: Outlet always active 

      10: Energy consumed today. With the blue rule, this is the free and eco-friendly energy you've enjoyed!

      11: Optional. Inactive if = 0. 
      Usage: Very useful if you want to charge your electric bike only using the free solar surplus (rule: Blue) but still want the bike to be usable on rainy days or in winter. Set, for example, 15 minutes, so the bike will prioritize charging with the free sunlight of the day. If it hasn't reached 15 minutes of charging by 10 pm, it will complete the charge at that time.

      12: Keep at 0. (For complex cases, discover at

      13: What if a cloud passes by? Do you want the charging to stop? Then set it to 15 seconds. A good practice to avoid excessive on/off is to set it to 180 seconds. 
      For an electric car, a higher value is recommended (1800sec - 30min)

      16: WiFi signal, if it's greater than 70dB, the signal is too weak. Move the outlet closer to your router.




      Here are some typical configurations:

      3.1. easyMETER the brain



      3.2. easyCOLOR the indicator

      • one (or several) easyCOLOR installed in a highly visible outlet in the house and close to power-hungry devices that are frequently used. E.g.:
        • Kitchen - to monitor consumption when using kitchen equipment such as electric stoves, dishwashers, toasters,...
          • Laundry room - to check consumption before starting a washing machine or dryer.

        3.3. easyPLUG the assistants

        • multiple easyPLUG on devices with lithium batteries, or with the ability to store energy.
          E.g. the hot water in a boiler can be used as a battery because you can heat the water more with surplus solar power. 
          • Electric/hybrid car on 230v charger
            • 06 Smart: ON
            • 07 Smart rule: Blue free only
            • 11 Minimum daily charging: 60-300 minutes if you want to ensure minimal charging even when there's little sun
            • 13 Refresh status: 1200 seconds (to avoid too frequent status changes, and because some cars pre-heat the battery to optimize charging)
            • Bike, scooter/step
              • Same settings as the car
              • 13 Refresh status: Can be more frequent (300)
              • Tablet, PC (when not used during the day).
                • Same settings as the bike
                • Pool, Jacuzzi, pond pump, waterfalls
                  • 06 Smart: ON
                  • 07 Smart rule: Blue free only
                  • 11 Minimum daily charging:  Depending on needs
                  • Robotic lawn mower (yes, they're also big batteries)
                    • Same settings as the pool, if your panels generate frequent surplus in summer.



                    The simplified EU declaration of conformity referred to in Article 10(9) shall be provided as follows:

                    Hereby, easyNRJ, declares that the radio equipment type easyMETER, easyCOLOR, easyPLUG is in compliance with Directive 2014/53/EU. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address.