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EasyNRJ PROMO PACK monitoring & solar charging - 3-in-1 comprehensive energy management system

EasyNRJ PROMO PACK monitoring & solar charging - 3-in-1 comprehensive energy management system

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The 3-in-1 pack for self-consumption 🌞 and reducing your bill 💰 while making an eco-friendly gesture 🌱, effortlessly!

It includes:

  • 1 easyMETER P1  the "brain" of the solution, giving you access to all the non-visible information on the smart meter (phase details, voltage, amperage, consumption, injection, ...)
  • easyCOLOR 🌈 the indicator that displays your home's consumption/injection at all times. Raises awareness for the whole family and indicates the ideal time to start your appliances 🧺💦 🍽️💦 using solar surplus 🌞*
  • easyPLUG 🔌 the self-consumption outlet: it automatically activates when you inject electricity into the grid (solar surplus) and stops when your home consumes again.
  • 1 P1 cable (RJ12)

With this pack, you have everything you need to monitor house energy 24/7, increase self-consumption, and reduce inverter drop-offs*!

Prime Domotique: Living in Wallonia? This pack meets the 3 eligibility criteria for the "Prime domotique" 🤖💰. Request the pre-filled form from us and get 40% of your purchase thanks to the Prime domotique (more info on 2024 validity of the premium) 

For larger homes, photovoltaic installations, or even more self-consumption, choose the advantageous XXL pack 🏠 It includes:

  • 1 easyMETER P1 (+ RJ12 P1 cable)
  • 2 easyCOLOR 🌈 (e.g., kitchen + laundry room)
  • 3 easyPLUG 🔌 (e.g., electric bike, electric car, and an easyPLUG with a power strip for various battery-powered devices in the house)


100% plug & play. No screwdriver needed, no technician required. Installed in 5 minutes.
Unique solution in Belgium 🇧🇪 

  • ⚡️ Up to 3.6kW of self-consumption per smart outlet
  • 💰 No subscription fees
  • ☀️ Automatically activates when you inject (solar surplus)
  • ⏱️ Installed in 5 minutes
  • 📊 Mini-app for real-time configuration and statistics
  • 🛠️ Solution to inverter drop-offs*
  • 👀 No "big brother," your data remains local and not on the internet

For electric & hybrid cars: Charge for free and easily with the 100% solar easyPLUG.
More information available on the product pages for easyMETER, easyCOLOR, and easyPLUG.

For installation, usage, and various possible scenarios, see here

*Inverter Drop-off: Solution: Automatically self-consume with the easyPLUG and manually with the easyCOLOR (e.g., start the washing machine at the right time) to limit the neighborhood's voltage increase due to injection and reduce inverter drop-off incidents (approx. 258V). The more houses self-consume in an area, the less risk of inverter drop-offs.

*easyCOLOR 🌈 Not only does its dynamic colored ring visually indicate your house energy usage, but it also integrates the intelligent auto on/off feature (solar surplus) from easyPLUG. You can choose between:

  • Smart OFF: Outlet always active (to avoid losing the use of a kitchen outlet, for example)
  • Smart ON: Outlet active only in case of solar surplus (you can, for example, connect a power strip for your tablets, batteries, phones, portable vacuum cleaners, batteries, etc.).

easyNRJ is a solution for smart meters officially recognized and referenced by
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