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EasyNRJ easyMETER P1 smart meter data access tool - Instant energy monitoring and analysis

EasyNRJ easyMETER P1 smart meter data access tool - Instant energy monitoring and analysis

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🕵️‍♂️ Access Hidden Information from Your Digital Meter!

Connect the easyMETER to the P1 port of your smart meter, open the mini-APP 📲 and access information with a single click:


  • ⚡️ Amperage (per phase)
  • 🔌 Voltage (per phase)
  • 💡 Consumption (per phase)
  • 🏠 Instantaneous home consumption
  • ☀️ Instantaneous home production
  • ⚠️ Grid-side issue detection

Capacity tariff (capaciteitstarief - captar - Flanders):

  • 💰 Max Peak Previous Month
  • 💰 Max Peak Running Month
  • 💰 Peak Running 15min (reset every 15 min).


  • 🏠 Home consumption
  • ☀️ Home production
  • 🚰 Gas consumption (if communicating gas meter)
  • 📝 Meter version

These pieces of information are essential to understanding your installation and troubleshooting:

  • 😮 Inverter that trips >> discover the phase with excessive voltage (injection)
  • 🔌 Circuit breaker that trips >> identify the overloaded phase
  • 🕵️‍♂️ Identify a problem coming from the grid
  • 💰 Lower your capacity tariff (capaciteitstarief BE-VL) by monitoring peaks and spreading consumption
  • ...

You also want to monitor your consumption 24/7, without needing to turn on your phone? This is possible with easyCOLOR. Click here to discover the easyMETER + easyCOLOR 2in1 pack.


☀️🔌🔋 You want to consume your energy surplus (injection) and increase your self-consumption? This is possible with easyPLUG. Click here to discover the easyMETER + easyCOLOR + easyPLUG 3in1 pack



In Belgium, if your P1 port isn't activated yet, you can request it from your service provider:

If you already have equipment connected to your P1 port, you can purchase a splitter here

The easyMETER comes with the RJ12 cable and is compatible with belgian digital meter (T211/S211/XS212/XT212) and dutch DSMR (4 or 5).

Note: With some digital meter, including DSMR4, easyMeter may require additional power, if needed, just connect a standard micro-usb cable (not included) to the easyMeter.


For advanced options (mobile app, history, home automation..), easyNRJ solutions are 100% compatible with Home Assistant (free). More information here for installation (Windows / Mac / Linux) on a dedicated PC.

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