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EasyNRJ easyCOLOR energy consumption indicator - Real-time home energy monitoring device

EasyNRJ easyCOLOR energy consumption indicator - Real-time home energy monitoring device

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The easyCOLOR* is your 24/7 indicator of energy consumption (/injection) from your home ⚡️ to the grid in real-time.

Each color 🌈 corresponds to a level of consumption.
For example, blue indicates moments when you're injecting surplus ☀️ to the grid)

Plug your easyCOLOR(s) in visible places (e.g., kitchen) or where you use significant power (e.g., laundry room). This way, the whole family playfully monitors the house's consumption with you, without needing to check their phones.

Adopting new eco-friendly and economical habits is child's play 🤸‍♂️

  • 🌱 Self-consume by activating appliances preferably during injection periods ( blue)
  • 💰 Save money by identifying high-consumption devices (stay in green, yellow)
  • 🏭 Avoid peaks (purple, pink, red) that require more grey energy.


You're making an ecological contribution, and by self-consuming sufficiently, you reduce your prosumer tax!

Free, solidarity-based, and eco-friendly solar surplus. Visual display in colors


Truly Intelligent

That's not all, by default, the easyCOLOR plug is always active, so you don't lose an outlet in your kitchen, for instance.

You also have access to the easyCOLOR's mini-APP (simply scan its QR code). You can configure it to activate only when your house has an energy surplus (injection, blue color). It then becomes a 100% solar self-consumption plug. Perfect for connecting battery-powered devices (tablets, laptops, portable vacuums, batteries, electric bikes, etc.) and increasing your self-consumption and independence.


* Requires an easyMETER connected to your smart meter to function

Technical Specifications: 

  • Max Power: 2500W
  • Operating Temperature: -20° to 40°
  • Voltage: 230V+- 10% 50/60Hz
  • Max Current: 12A
  • Consumption: < 1W
  • Instantaneous visualization of house consumption (6 colors)
  • Smart on-off (algorithm based on device consumption + home production)
  • Configuration app (web interface, Home Assistant)
  • Standard communication: WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g/n. 2.4 GHz
  • Certification: CE, RoHS
  • IP Level: IP20
  • Sensors: Voltmeter, ammeter, temperature

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