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EasyNRJ easyPLUG SG smart grid solution - Eco-friendly energy management system

EasyNRJ easyPLUG SG smart grid solution - Eco-friendly energy management system

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Self-consumption: Transform your water heater into an ecological battery 🌿🔋, and that for less than a tenth of the price of a domestic battery 💰.

This present solution is designed for skilled DIY 🔧 and is compatible with a limited number of devices.

We also provide a professional self-consumption solution 🔌☀️, compatible with most boilers/heat pumps, designed to be installed by your preferred installer: easySG PRO. Kindly request your installer to contact us 📞.

easySG DIY

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Always refer to the official manual of your water heater/boiler. Installation carries risks. Always turn off power before operating. EasyNRJ disclaims any responsibility for damages/injuries resulting from this installation  ⚠️ ⚠️⚠️.

easySG DIY pack: Enable the SMART GRID READY protocol (SG-ready / PV-ready) of your boiler/heat pump 🔌💡.

This advanced feature automatically stores surplus solar energy from your photovoltaic panels as hot water, turning your boiler into an eco-friendly battery. All this at a fraction of the cost of a standard domestic battery 💰💡.

How it works:

- easyMETER collects information about surplus energy from the digital meter (P1)
- easyPLUG informs the water heater via dry contact or 230V.

The 230V Pack contains:

  • 1 easyMETER 
  • 1 easyPLUG
  • 1 230V cable 

The Dry Contact Pack contains:

  • 1 easyMETER 
  • 1 easyPLUG
  • 1 converter 230 > Dry contact

Choose the right pack according to your equipment's manual.

🛠️ Installed in moments ⏰ Only 1 setting to set 🙅‍♂️

The best way to easily self-consume and save money 💰



The equipment then operates when electricity is free/cheap and ecological (surplus), bringing significant savings to the user 💰🌿💡

SGready PACK is compatible with domestic batteries and any solar installation. Only prerequisite: The Belgian smart meter.


  • In the setting "12 - Fixed power", enter the power consumed by your device when the Smart Grid is activated. Exemple for Explorer Atlantic : 0.7kW (700W). 


Are you a professional installer? We have a product and a special offer for you, contact us to learn more.

Examples of SMART GRID READY - SG-ready solutions:

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