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Are you solar panel installer, electrician, entrepreneur,... ? You can include easily our products in your installations to improve your sales proposition :

- Solar powered plug

Smart plugs activated only when house is injecting surplus: Free energy only !


- Colorised energy monitoring plug

Help customer to keep an eye on the instant consumption (Very important in Vlaanderen - capaciteitstareif taxes.. In Wallonie/Brussel it helps customer to know the best time to start washing machines, etc... )




Only one requirement: Customer must have a smart meter to connect the small black box into the P1.


No more unnecessary solar surpluses. Say hi to 100% free solar charging ! 

For you, as professional installer, it's plug & play, just need to enter the Wifi password of the customer and it's running. 


Smart Grid Ready

Classic Smart grid-ready installation (water heater, EV fast charger, air conditioning, heat pump, swimming pools...) can be highly simplified by using easyPLUG as the excess solar wireless indicator. No cable, no complex integration. Just a 230 AC signal or dry contact between the easyPLUG and the device to pilot. More information here 





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