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PROMO PACK Solar Charging

PROMO PACK Solar Charging

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Discover our 100% solar charger 2in1 pack 🌞🔌🚗, 100% self-consumption. The smart outlet activates as soon as you inject energy into the grid.

This "battery outlet" 🔌🔋 transforms your devices into solar batteries🔋🌞.

Electric bike, scooter, electric car, battery-powered tools, vacuum cleaner, jacuzzi... Charge them using solar surplus only and become a self-consumer.

  • ⚡️ Up to 3.6kW
  • 💰 No subscription fees
  • ☀️ Automatically activates when you inject (solar surplus)
  • 🔌 Increase your self-consumption
  • ⏱️ Installed in 2 minutes
  • 📊 Mini-app for real-time configuration and statistics
  • 🛠️ Solution to inverter drop-offs*
  • 👀 No "big brother," your data stays local and doesn't go on the internet
  • ℹ️ Detailed information about the voltage of each phase

Charge for free and easily! 🌱⚡🌍

With the easyPLUG, it's now possible. All you need is a smart meter and solar panels.
EasyPLUG can charge up to 3680W and will activate automatically when your panels produce surplus*.

Saving energy and sustainability have never been easier!

Everything you need is in the 2in1 pack:

  • Premium pack: easyPLUG + easyMETER with screen + P1 cable 
  • Basic pack: easyPLUG + easyMETER + P1 cable

Convenience: If you need minimal daily charging (e.g., in winter or rainy weather), simply configure it in the mini-APP by scanning the QR code on the outlet. The smart outlet will automatically complete the charge at night if the solar energy generated during the day is insufficient (see image).

*Inverter Drop-off: Solution: Self-consume with the easyPLUG (automatic) and easyCOLOR (manual action, e.g., washing machine) to limit the neighborhood's voltage increase due to injection and, thus, reduce inverter drop-off incidents (approx. 258V). The more houses self-consume in an area, the less risk of inverter drop-offs.

Works for all 230V devices!

easyNRJ solutions are 100% compatible with Home Assistant (free).More information here for installation (Windows / Mac / Linux) on a dedicated PC.

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