Solution to inverter disconnections

Solution to inverter disconnections

Everywhere we talk about it, the famous "inverter disconnections." When the neighborhood's power grid is overwhelmed by solar production, it happens that the photovoltaic panel's inverter "disconnects." The inverter goes into safety mode and stops producing electricity.

4 billion investments 💰💰💰💰 over 15 years ⏳⏳⏳⏳ are needed to solve this by modernizing the grid...

New: An innovative solution exists with easyPLUG. 🔧 Installable by yourself in 2 minutes ⏱️ and without tools!

🔌 How this work

When the sun☀️ shines, the whole neighborhood benefits. To inject the surplus energy, inverters engage in a "voltage battle"⚡️🔌. The more they inject into the grid, the higher the voltage rises in the neighborhood until it reaches safety values (+-253V), and everything shuts off.

The easyPLUGs are smart plugs that automatically activate when there is an injection. Plug in anything that can store energy (think of any device with a battery: bikes, tools, tablets, vacuum cleaners, batteries, cars 🚲🔋🚗🛠️🔌⚡️). Use multiple easyPLUGs or a power strip (max 3680W) for more efficiency.


  • 🌞💡 Your consumption is aligned with your production: You are self-consuming!

  • ⚡️🏘️ The injection and voltage in your neighborhood are reduced during solar surplus, preventing inverter disconnections.

  • 🌿🌍 And you are making an eco-friendly gesture because self-consumption means avoiding grey production when green energy is not available.

🏠 For whom

Anyone who is impacted by inverter disconnections. The more people in your neighborhood self-consume with easyPLUG, the more disconnections are avoided.

Note: EasyPLUG is primarily a simple and eco-friendly self-consumption solution. Therefore, it is also useful for households without inverter disconnections, as they can increase their self-consumption.

☀️🔌 What do I need

Solar panels and a digital meter (T211 / S211)

💰💲How much does it cost

  • one P1 easyMETER (connected to digital meter)
  • one easyPLUG

Starting from only 99 € with free delivery 🚚 🆓! Order now!

🚀🌟 Take it to the next level

There are 2 very powerful solutions for energy storage: electric/hybrid cars and thermodynamic water heaters (other than batteries costing 3000-5000€).

  • 🚗🔌 For the car, a simple easyPLUG is sufficient if you have a charging cable for a standard 230V socket.
  • 🔥💦 If you have a thermodynamic water heater, you have the possibility to turn it into the equivalent of a domestic battery of 2.7kWh (900W * 3h). Most of them are now PV-ready or SmartGrid-ready. EasyNRJ offers a solution to easily make them PV-active with an easyPLUG. Once activated, in case of solar surplus, the set temperature of the water heater will increase to capture the excess available energy.

It can be installed by experienced DIY enthusiasts or contact your installer. SGReady PACK. - Starting from 129€.

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