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Note: The content bellow is more technical and may not be accessible to anyone. However, if you're interested, it is no rocket science. It's just about taking the time to understand, and being curious.


Smart Grid Ready SGR - Heat pumps

Transform your water heater very easily into an ecological battery, and that for less than a tenth of the price of a domestic battery !

Self-consumption & Smart Grid Ready: Most recent water heaters have built-in systems and are smart grid ready / PV-ready. It allows to indicate to the heater when we have excess solar that we can store as warm water, acting therefore like a domestic battery.

We propose a simple solution to "ACTIVATE" this Smart Grid system of your water heater.



With easyNRJ, this is now possible.

(!) This is expert level installation.

Option 1: PRO (best)

Ask your favorite installer to get in touch with us.
We offer a professional solution that is compatible with the majority of water heaters and heat pumps on the market.

Smart Grid Ready Option 1 PRO

Example of some models that support this:


    Option 2: DIY
    You need to know what you are doing. *easyNRJ is not responsible of your implementation or any damages/injuries caused by it.
    For some thermodynamic water heaters, such as the Atlantic Explorer/Panasonic PAW, it is possible to pilot them using a 230 V current. In this case, an easyPLUG can be used to indicate when there is a surplus of solar energy.

    Smart Grid Ready Option 2 DIY
    We use here the easyPLUG as wireless indicator of the solar excess. with a 230V signal by connecting easyPLUG to the heater Smart Grid connectors.
    Configuration of the easyPLUG is the same as standard usage with the following addition in the mini-APP:
    • (12) enter the power consumed by your device when the Smart Grid is activated. Exemple for Explorer Atlantic : 0.7kW (700W). 
    • (13) 600 seconds (10 min) is standard value for the refresh frequency. (Note that the built-in Smart Grid protocol will anyway prevent a too frequent on-off-on-off scenario).



      Option 3: Classic boiler with easyPLUG
      If you have a conventional, non-thermodynamic boiler without the Smart Grid-Ready/PV-ready feature, in some cases it is still possible to use an easyPLUG to maximize self-consumption. Without the Smart Grid-Ready protocol, we need to directly turn the boiler's power on and off, risking insufficient hot water supply on days with limited/no solar energy.

      Smart Grid Ready Option 3 non-SGR

      With the setting "#11 Minimum Daily Charging", the easyPLUG can guarantee a minimum of daily charge time. This is particularly useful during winter or cloudy days when solar surplus is low.

      For instance, if the solar surplus provides only 20 minutes of charging in a day and Setting 11 is configured for 200 minutes, the easyPLUG will automatically activate at 10 PM to provide the additional 180 minutes needed to meet the daily minimum.

      In setting "#12 fixed power", enter the power of the boiler. The easyPLUG will then activate only if there is enough surplus.

      - Boiler 1kW - Solar surplus 0,5kW: easyPLUG will not activate (not enough solar power)
      - Boiler 1kW - Solar surplus 1.2W: easyPLUG will then activate and autoconsume 1kW of the surplus.
      - As soon as the house start consuming again energy from grid, the easyPLUG will stop. 


      Learn more and buy SG-ready DIY PACK here


      Smart Grid Ready SGR - EV fast chargers

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      Home Assistant & mobile APP

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