• prise solaire prosumer autoconsommer photovoltaique prosommateur easyplug chargeur solaire bleu

    easyCOLOR the monitor

    Light ring (6 colors) that indicates in real-time the energy consumption of your house.
    Blue: You are injecting energy into the grid (surplus), it's time to start your machines!
    Green/Yellow: Everything is fine.
    Red/Purple: High consumption.

  • prise solaire prosumer autoconsommer photovoltaique prosommateur 2en1 chargeur solaire

    easyPLUG 100% solar

    100% solar outlet, powered by free and eco-friendly energy. It activates automatically when your solar panels produce excess energy (injection).

    Perfect for charging batteries: EVs, bicycles, scooters, tools, tablet, chargers, jacuzzis, pools, portable vacuums...

    You're self-consuming!

  • P1 easyMETER

    Connects with a single click to the smart meter and grants you access to hidden information:

    Phase details, voltage, amperage, consumption...

    Required for the operation of easyCOLOR and easyPLUG.

Save up to 1015€ per year

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Here are some examples of potential annual savings using average energy rates for a Belgian household with 15 solar panels.

  • 0€ without automation
  • Up to €1015 with automation using the smart outlet easyPLUG
  • Up to €215 with optimization using the consumption indicator easyCOLOR
  • Up to €1229 with 1 easyPLUG + 1 easyCOLOR

... and even more if you have more panels or multiple easyPLUGs

More details on calculations

Ecologically self-consume and save has never been easier

Do you have a smart meter? EasyNRJ is for you.

Self-consume and reduce your prosumer tariff - Why?


Rise of renewable energies, decline of fossil fuels.
The energy transition is underway, but it brings new challenges:

  • Aging national infrastructure
  • Irregular electricity demand (peaks at 8am and 7pm in winter, 1pm in summer)
  • Intermittent green energy production (wind, sun, seasons)

The solution: Consume when we produce = Self-consume


Citizens are incentivized or taxed based on their energy habits. The energy injected into the grid will always be very poorly remunerated. Storing this energy for use at another time is both economical and ecological. Increasing your self-consumption is possible and easy with easyCOLOR and easyPLUG. Act now!


Awareness Reduces Consumption 23%*

Confirmed by the *study by CNRS/Université Nice and Liège in 2017,
groups using energy awareness solutions cut their electricity use by 23%
Place easyCOLOR in a visible spot (like the kitchen) to naturally improve your energy habits and lower your grid consumption

All you need:

  • The smart meter (active P1 port)
  • Your WiFi password
  • Connect the easyMETER P1 to the meter
  • Plug in the easyCOLOR monitor in a visible location
  • Enter your WiFi password

And that's it. No technician, no screwdriver, no subscription!


Charge your battery-powered devices for free and automatically with the easyPLUG, which activates during solar surplus. Compatible with any equipment on a standard outlet, easyPLUG increases your self-consumption, lessens your impact on the grid, and thereby reduces your prosumer tariff. Through its self-consumption feature, you also mitigate the risk of inverter disconnections.

  • Bike
  • Car (on 220v)
  • Scooter
  • Tablet, laptop
  • Robot vacuum
  • Battery-powered tools
  • Portable battery

But also:

  • Pump, waterfalls for pond
  • Water heater
  • Pool, Jacuzzi...

Mini app

Scan the QR code of the assistant with your smartphone's camera, and the mini-app will appear. It allows you to:

  • See the precise consumption/production of the house
  • View the consumption of the outlet (instantaneous/daily)
  • Specify a guaranteed daily charge, for example, to prevent the bike's battery from being empty in winter when there is very little sunlight...

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Installation & How to use