• prise solaire prosumer autoconsommer photovoltaique prosommateur easyplug chargeur solaire bleu

    easyCOLOR the monitor

    Light ring (6 colors) that indicates in real-time the energy consumption of your house.
    Blue: You are injecting energy into the grid (surplus), it's time to start your machines!

    Green/Yellow: Everything is fine.

    Red/Purple: High consumption.

  • prise solaire prosumer autoconsommer photovoltaique prosommateur 2en1 chargeur solaire

    easyPLUG 100% solar

    100% solar outlet, powered by free and eco-friendly energy. It activates automatically when your solar panels produce excess energy (injection).

    Perfect for electric/hybrid cars, bicycles, scooters, tools, batteries, battery chargers, jacuzzis, pools, portable vacuums...

    You're self-consuming!

  • P1 easyMETER

    Connects with a single click to the smart meter and grants you access to hidden information:

    Phase details, voltage, amperage, consumption...

    Required for the operation of easyCOLOR and easyPLUG.

Save up to 1015€ per year

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Here are some examples of potential annual savings using average energy rates for a Belgian household with 15 solar panels.

  • 0€ without automation
  • Up to €1015 with automation using the smart outlet easyPLUG
  • Up to €215 with optimization using the consumption indicator easyCOLOR
  • Up to €1229 with 1 easyPLUG + 1 easyCOLOR

... and even more if you have more panels or multiple easyPLUGs

More details on calculations

Ecologically self-consume and save has never been easier

Do you have a smart meter? EasyNRJ is for you.

Self-consume and reduce your prosumer tax - Why?


Rise of renewable energies, decline of fossil fuels.
The energy transition is underway, but it brings new challenges:

  • National infrastructure nearing the end of its life
  • Irregular electricity demand (peaks at 8am and 7pm in winter, 1pm in summer)
  • Intermittent green energy production (wind, sun, seasons)

The solution: Consume when we produce = Self-consume


In Wallonia, citizens are incentivized or taxed based on their energy habits. In 2023, the prosumer tax will double, but if you increase your self-consumption now above 37.76%, your prosumer tax will be reduced (more info here, here, here).

Possible and easy with the plug & play system easyNRJ. Act now!


All you need:

  • The smart meter (active P1 port)
  • Your WiFi password
  • Connect the easyMETER P1 to the meter
  • Plug in the light indicator in a visible location
  • Enter your WiFi password

And that's it. No technician, no screwdriver, no subscription!


Charge your battery-powered devices for free and automatically with the easyPLUG, which activates during solar surplus. Compatible with any equipment on a standard outlet, easyPLUG increases your self-consumption, lessens your impact on the grid, and thereby reduces your prosumer tax. Through its self-consumption feature, you also mitigate the risk of inverter disconnections.

  • Bike
  • Car (on 220v)
  • Scooter
  • Tablet, laptop
  • Robot vacuum
  • Battery-powered tools
  • Portable battery

But also:

  • Pump, waterfalls for pond
  • Water heater
  • Pool, Jacuzzi...

Mini app

Scan the QR code of the assistant with your smartphone's camera, and the mini-app will appear. It allows you to:

  • See the precise consumption/production of the house
  • View the consumption of the outlet (instantaneous/daily)
  • Specify a minimum daily charge, for example, to prevent the bike's battery from being empty in winter when there is very little sunlight...

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Installation & How to use